Monday 14 December 2015

On December, 14th: great event for me!

I have been invited to participate into another Advent Calendar hosted by Solveig Werner, where bloggers talk about their memories of Christmas or events that are happening this year.

I was surprised to be invited as I thought my blog was not that interesting and my English rather poor without the help of my co-author and editor, Liz (there is much to edit so I call her my co-author!). And sometimes the advice and help of friends like John and Geoff.

But I was invited. I wrote in a hurry as there was a blank for the 9th of December and we were already on the 6th. So I thought my text could stop up the gap. But someone had stepped forward before me and my text was kept for today.

Therefore here is the link to it. This is a geat step in my blogging life!

Please, read it and make comments as usual. And if you have time, go and see Solveig's blog from time to time: it is worth reading.

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