Monday 31 October 2016

In need of a word of comfort

I have started writing about what happened to The Little Family during the last month but I cannot end the post. Feelings are too raw and I am overtired.

Elder Girl had to be dashed to hospital after a fit where she convulsed and badly hurt her head and scalp. She had a scan, an electro-encephalogram, various tests, was examined by various doctors and a neurologist, and diagnosed epileptic, which is often the case when DownS persons are ageing and heading towards the end of their lives.

I shall not write about life at home. I shall do this another time. Later. Life is difficult, bleak. I do not know how to cope. I do not have the means to cope and help is distilled drop after drop when I shriek for it.

I am tired of advice from people who do not know what I am going through and what The Girls are going through. Fortunately, I have a few kind friends on Facebook who have helped me go through last week ordeal. Others are only living in their own intellectual sphere without understand.

If you read this, would you please be kind enough to wave, say hello, show that  you are here. No more. I feel alone and lonely. I try to be brave but I am NOT brave at all. I am frightened.

Thank you.


  1. I know just what you mean about being unable to finish - I wouldn't even be able to start writing about what happened while my mother was dying. One of the hardest things after it happened was well-meaning people who obviously thought I should be behaving differently. I could see that they were trying to show they cared, but after a while I wanted to shout and behave badly.

    Bravery is about trying to carry on when you're frightened and lonely, which is what you're doing. I am so sorry that there is so little support for you - it's not great here, but it's certainly better than the situation you describe. Much love, jodie

  2. I'm sorry things are so bad. I think you have many American and English friends and readers who might be able to help you with quite useful advice about getting through "the system" if it was the same system as theirs! Knowing zero about the French system, I am baffled by how things are handled there, and I expect others are too.

  3. So sorry to find you are suffering, sad and quite alone. I would like to offer you a few words of comfort. I am thinking of you and would put my arm around you and let you cry. Perhaps you and your girls can hug each other just a little more than you usual. Look too at the small things that bring comfort and beauty into the world. My thoughts are with you.

  4. I am so sorry to read this, Camille, and I so much hope that as two months have passed since you posted things are a little less bleak. I wish I could offer some practical help and not just a wave from across the Channel! You sound exhausted. Are there no organisations in France who could offer respite care for a few days so at least you could catch up on sleep and have a break? The French system sounds so complicated.

  5. I know just what you mean about being unable to finish - I wouldn't even be able to start writing about what happened while my mother was dying.

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