Wednesday 25 May 2016

Thank you

Thank you.

When, on a whim, I thought about "a poem a day" by readers and not by bloggers, I thought, it might be read by a few persons and fewer would send me send something. I had already prepared some of my favourite poems to fill in the gaps!

And you have sent me ideas, actual poems, poems that are said by great voices, poems and paintings to illustrate them, poems and music, poems from your countries translated into English, poems from other countries you love as well... Bloggers do the same. We may end the week...

In fact, if you agree, we might turn it into a poem a week, after this one. And I shall go on linking blog and FB page because you do not all belong to the two media.

Blogger friends, it all started on Facebook and went on to the blog. I have contacted a few of yours. But I have not been able to reach each of you personally. Will you excuse me? If you do, please, I would be very happy to have you contribute. There is no prize, no give away, nothing, just a link to your blog. There is only poetry to share. There are poets among you as well... And you certainly like at least ONE poem?

 Would you contribute, please? 

So. You may be the poets or the readers of poets. But this is yours.

Thank you.

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  1. Wow!

    Isn't it wonderful when something of yours comes into the world and you don't know who's going to embrace it?

  2. Lovely idea to continue with a weekly poem. It is, as you say, for the soul.