Tuesday 9 February 2016

Please, come in and have a cup of coffee or tea...

and come in quick!

This is a foul weather so do not stand in the rain and the wind. Last week, we thought it was almost spring: there had been a turn in the light, something intangible and frail - a transparency in the baby blue sky, a light with a powdery grain that was the very texture of the sun, a tinge of yellowy green on the trees, or od brighter russet, a new sparkle over the winter jasmine flowers, the candour of the swnowdrops, and the first shy little daisies. And now, all is gone and it is damp, soggy winter again. Leaden skies, fat drops of rain stopping only to give place to a continuous insinuating drizzle, pools of water in the fields, blasts of wind, splashes when the cars pass by on the road.

We have turned on the lights inside the house again and here they stay, all day long while we cough and sneeze, and have tears in our eyes. No real colds, only chills, weariness, despond. It is so dull.

So we are all happy to see you and to have some fresh news from the world outside our little world! Tell us: what is happening to you? Is the weather better at your place? What are you reading? What are you doing? We need our friends and their chatter to bring us some hope and joy. I shall make some tea or coffee. Meanwhile, please, tell me about you... Please!

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