Tuesday 2 February 2016

"Gentle" readers and Readers, thank you!

Gertrude Fiske

Thank you!

When I posted the last entry of that blog, some days ago, I thought it might interest the readers of the "gentle" fiction I was trying to understand. Therefore, I published it on Facebook, not only on my private and my blogger pages, but also on the pages of groups to which I belong and that are dedicated to such or such lady author.

The number of people who read the post and who were kind enough to "like" largely exceeds my wildest dreams!

I have received comments from friends and people I know, as well as from "gentle" readers and "simply" readers - more than I thought I would. This has led to very interesting discussions and opened new vistas for me.

So, I would like to thank everyone to have taken time to look at the post and to have made observations, critiques, comments. It helps me a lot in this study of "gentle fiction" that I lead for my own knowledge and pleasure.

For, as I have told some of you, this post is not written out of the blue. There are others on this blog, mainly
But there are others that you may find in scrolling up the whole blog.

In any case, again and again, a great "THANK YOU". Furthermore I hope that the thread we are weaving between us will last long while you help me read your favourite author(s).

Gertrude Fiske

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