Thursday 16 July 2015


This summer, I had decided with the Little Family that the blog would have two permanent entries:

  • One would be entirely mine and would talk about books and how reading affects my life or how my life affects my reading; it would be posted on Sundays or Mondays.
  • One would be written with the help of the Little Family who has lots of documents and postcards and maps and books and magazines; it would be lazy holiday making with you around the Dordogne since you know The Village but there are so many beautiful landscapes and monuments and traces of human life in the Dordogne; it would be posted either on Thursdays or Fridays.
But this week is already different: I had small problems on Sunday and the National Day on the 14 July was an entry belonging to the life in the Dordogne in itself. So the timetable has been put upside down since the blog about life and reading was posted today!

We shall try to keep our schedule in the weeks to come. Promise.

Now, you mut know something about the Little Family. They are two ladies of nearly 56 and nearly 20 (next week) who are my wards as they are "affected" by Down Syndrome and have no parents left. I am their closest next of kin. We live together sometimes happily, sometimes more "stormily" with flashes and thunder but everything must be forgiven and forgotten when they go to bed. They are my reason for living in the country and in this house. I take care of them and, in a way, they take care of me.

So the holiday making blog done with them will be also an exercise in geography, history, research, articulation of ideas, and internet. 

May I beg you to be lenient towards us? Thank you.

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