Friday 25 September 2015

About Vulpes Libris and Refugees (bis)

Two days ago, I  blogged about Vulpes Libris and Refugees. Here I come again with almost the same topic. The issue is too important to be passed by unnoticed.

Vulpes Libris or "Book Foxes" are a group of bloggers who have joined forces to create this shared blog where one after the other expresses her or his choices in literature, essays, fiction, memoirs, etc., while each keeps her or his own blog.

This week has been dedicated to refugees and not only the refugees that are knocking at our doors todays but the concept of refugees through literature, with three examples of writings by (yes, I say BY) refugees or members of people who have been refugees.

The originality of this point of view has spurred me to blog and mention Vulpes Libris. Today is the last entry for this topic on their blog and I would like to associate myself to this enterprise by summing up the links to Book Foxes' blog.

Sunday, Kate introduced the week: 

Monday, Kirsty D returned to Lloyd Jones's Hand Me Down World and found a renewed relevance in his story of a woman being smuggled into Europe:

Wednesday, Jackie explored the universality of displacement in Benjamin Zephania's poem We Refugees.

And today, Friday,  In a VL Classic, Hilary revisits her review of Marjane Satrapi's account of her experience as a refugee, Persepolis.

My own (without false modesty and shilly-shallying) very humble and small  contribution - more political perhaps? - no, I would say more pedestrian and directly linked to the current situation - is this:

As we said in France, at the beginning of the year, when there was this aggression against a well-known satirical newspaper, we are all refugees. Most of all, we are all Human Beings.

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